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 2009-2010 Distance Learning

A New School of Thought-Think Different
All credit courses are offered through Portland State University.
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What: Business Value:
1# Professional Development is more important than ever in this economy. So much is at stake. Knowing you have people who support you keeps you healthy, mentally and physically

2# Intelligence Reframed for the 21st Century to reach the skill sets needs of all learners.

Synergy Pals
A new way of whole brain learning based on, "the whole is greater than the sum of the parts."

What's wrong with the existing paradigm of the 21st global economy? Our human gifts make a good fit working together. Everyone has something to teach us as we learn to connect with things bigger than ourselves. To help all children succeed, we understand the diverse needs of our students to transmit ideas and their urge for social contagion.

We live two lives:
One we live
One we learn from
Your story is a journey of feelings.
Understand how information received by our senses becomes hardwired.

"There are only two or three human stories, and they go on repeating themselves as fiercely as if they had never happened before."

Willa Cather

Please inform interested colleagues who could benefit.

All classroom materials included with course fee, Heart2Heart game, puppets, books, course materials

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11# FAX to Ardy at 503 892 5702

PSU Catalog Course Description

Intelligence Reframed

Actively engaged while working together, students alternate team tasks as they strengthen all modalities, achieving greater classroom results. A learning system, the teacher says, "really gives you a framework for understanding how peoples behave. It's like, 'Oh, that person's not ADHD, he's an activator.' The core of the strengths learning stations is an analysis of people's personalities that shed light on why they approach tasks the way they do. Creating Multiple Intelligence learning stations gives student’s alternate team tasks to manage themselves directed behavior in a core curriculum instruction subject area. The best result of getting thinking organized in the classroom is the freedom to experience and develop an on- task proactive approach. Brain Research shows how to differentiate learning stations to respect our learning differences and learning rates. Implement and engage student's in cooperative teams to accomplish daily classroom tasks. Student's mentor and discover each others' interactive sensory preferences.

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Synergy Pals
Ardys Reverman (Dr. Ardy), Ph.D.

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