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"The Synergy Pals rekindle the rich spirit that those who differ from us give to our lives, to explore the world from four points of view and compare that world to our own with those who matter most in work and play."
MEGA SERIES - Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen, co-authors, Chicken Soup for the Soul

Jack Canfield
Mark Victor Hansen
John Glenn & Dr Ardy Inner and Outer Space Pioneers Presenting at the American Creativity Conference in Ohio.
Paul Newman and Sharitha McKenzie Miss Oregon
wearing the Synergy Pals silver necklace

"To understand our lives as lifelong opportunities of learning is to claim the spiritual road into wholeness."
The Right Reverend Rustin Kimsey, Episcopal Bishop of Eastern Oregon

"We are all different. Dr. Reverman has captured those differences in this work and made it easy and natural for child and adult to get back into the understanding mode, so that everyone in the family can be comfortable and accepted."
Lendon H. Smith, M.D., author, The Children's Doctor

"What drives people to be right, to be liked, to seek attention, to have control, to protect family and everyone you know. Easily, affordably, redefine what it means to be smart. One people living on one planet."
Tony Alessandra, Ph.D., author, The Platinum Rule

"I think the strength of the book is in the examples of how the SQ styles interact in the real world. Different situations can threaten each of the personality types into different expressions of self need and discord."
Barbara Swanson, M.L.S., founder-president, Catalyst Bookseller

"I am pleased to be able to add my support to the work you are doing in the latest brain research, new and exciting body of knowledge to the field in education."
Anthony R. Palermini, former superintendent DDSD, Oregon

"A profound appreciation of the whole team can lead to championships when we skillfully play our own part well."
Tom Trebelhorn, major league baseball manager

"Understanding the different ways people process information is an important skill we use all our lives."
Susan Hammer, attorney at law-mediator, and Lee Kelly, sculptor

"Diversity means families in everyday relationships, sharing fun andlearning. For real success learn to understand differences where everybody counts."
Nickyanne Laman, Founding Diamond Sales Director, Discovery Toys

"The cornerstone of effective management and the number-one edgeover competition is that people must like you and trust you. In a competitive world the edges are extremely important."
Bill Reilly, president, William Reilly Engineering

"The inner game of business is whole-brain communication. It is a valuable tool to develop successful marketing skills for your personal and business creativity."
Helen M. Rockey, CEO

"Being emotionally fit gives you the strength to express your uniqueness. The Synergy Pals Profile is an easy personality assessment tool to enlighten and entertain while exploring human needs for relationship."
C.G. Cale, Investment Manager

"A beginnerís guide to the basics of understanding temperament roles. Bothscience and common sense show us our view of human intelligence is far too narrow; we ignore a crucial range of abilities that matter immensely in terms of how we succeed in life. "
Douglas Houser, attorney, Bullivant, Houser, Bailey, Pendergrass & Hoffman

"Parents and professionals are most effective by supporting and valuing team-work. We shine at feeling really good about what we like to do that works. This makes us feel self confident and credible."
Carlita and Ron Evezich, Evezich Enterprises

"When pulling a garment together we start the creative process with color, followed by silhouette. Then we begin the engineering of technique and measurement, which completes the style. This is a creative, whole-brain process."
John H. Herman, CEO Duffel Sportswear

"Analyzing scripts and changing directorsë minds to improve all parts ofproduction uses the whole brain in a way so that every sense counts."
Gordon Kee, Motion Picture Producer

"Listening to your customer-centered needs ensures a win-win benefit for all."
William Barendrick, Jr., former President, Oregon Assoc. of Realtors

"Redefining ìsmartî for the love of it, gets everybody into the act, for we are the first generation to be aware of ourselves as a WHOLE."
Patricia Fripp, past president, National Association of Speakers

"Lifelong, we must take on new tasks in order to exercise the thinking and feelings that keep our brains healthy."
Cameron Truesdell, CEO Long Term Health Care

"Conscious choices and unconscious forces bring an idea whose time has come; uncover your strengths for work you love to do."
Debra Stickel, Junior League

"If we help children learn in their own way today, they will be able to give their best talents tomorrow working in synergy teams."
Debbie Autzen, Realtor, and Scott Thomason, CEO, Thomason Auto Group

"Working together means winning teams, when we understand how our different strengths create a goodness of fit."
Chris Cusick, president, Cusickís Talent Agency

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