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Traits of the THINKER learning style:

Good at taking things apart
Learns using step-by-step instruction
Likes order, and clear rules and directions
Wants fact based-research and practical results in action
Practices well-structured skills carefully
Organizes and evaluates patterns for firm and fair routines
Designs creative and helpful systems
Encourages team efforts
Enjoys biking, climbing, nature and ecology
Respects traditions and rituals
May worry quietly and criticize others
Needs clearly defined boundaries to feel safe

Owl Song

Traits of the LOOKER learning style:

Dislikes clutter
Spells by sight
Learns by writing
Notices details
Loves knowledge
Keeps written records
Likes eye contact
Is particular about use of color
Assembles models using written directions
Learns by seeing, watching, and reading
Tends to be obedient when young

Lion Song

Traits of the FEELER learning style:
Is tactile
Makes things
Enjoys sports
Likes to draw
Is well coordinated
Is a hands-on learner
Prefers action stories
Tends to be a poor speller
Disassembles and reassembles things
Tends to fight rather than talk

Koala Song

Traits of the TALKER learning style

Learns through verbal instructions
Enjoys plays
Uses mature language
Learns numbers and addresses at an early age
Enjoys singing and music
Good storytellers
Creates rhymes and word-plays (such as puns)
Enjoys drumming, dancing, and rhythmic activities

Chimp Song

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