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An unprecedented, award-winning 12-year documentary project, Time for School, returns in 2009 with visits to seven classrooms in seven countries to offer a glimpse into the lives of seven extraordinary children who are struggling to get what nearly all American kids take for granted: a basic education.

Yes, it's an era
of great shifts.
Ken Robinson says schools kill creativity

Speaking of evolution...
'Ardi,' Oldest Human Ancestor, Unveiled

And I'm sure you know
about mirror neurons.
A recently discovered system in the brain may
help explain why we humans can get so
worked up watching other people.

Giving Forgiveness
by Tim Hallbom
People have different visions of the virtual classroom. Trainers like media-rich null, while school teachers favor post-and-reply discussion forums to engage students.

Trends in Self-Paced
Online Learning
Written by Todd Harris


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